Your Local Petrol Station Doesn't Want You To Read This:

 How To Reduce Your Petrol Bill By 35% or more!

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Main benefits:

  • Reduce your petrol bill by up to 35%.

  • Drastically reduce emissions.

  • Greatly enhance engine power & performance.

  • Remove carbon deposits and prevent future carbon build up.

  • Reduce engine operating temperature.

  • Notice a calmer, quieter, much smoother engine operation.

  • Enjoy a longer life expectancy of your engine, especially         pistons, valves, rings & bearings.

If you are based in New Zealand and are starting to get worried about the price of petrol or diesel and are looking for ways to significantly reduce the amount of fuel your car or truck uses, then you must read every word on this website.


This is NOT a scam - this is NOT a con - but documented facts! Google me, visit me, or learn a little about Simon Cope and come and check out my car(s) and decide yourself. I am not hiding anything - I am a Kiwi just like you - who simply wanted to get the best efficiency I could from my two cars... (does that sound like you?) and being a 'practical guy'... I researched, tested, tweaked, measured and documented my results - and now I want to reveal to you what I found...

It is hard to imagine... but it is possible to significantly reduce your petrol bill right here in NZ... here is my car running right now on a mix of hydrogen AND petrol - safe, simple & cost effective!




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YES!  you can run your car here in New Zealand using a mix of hydrogen and petrol ...

What I found out ...

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WaterFor Petrol: latest development in Hydrogen-On-Demand system for any engine - petrol or diesel. Cheap, simple & easy to install and available here in Auckland - New Zealand!

My House In Meadowbank Has An 'Incy Wincy' Power Bill...

Since 2007 like you I have found the price of petrol steadily going up and up in price... and this has irritated me to the point of working out a way to slow this price increase down... and eating into my monthly expenses... and I have always been one to take action - for example back in 1993 I installed on my house in Mt Roskill, Auckland enough solar electric modules (PV's) to generate all my electricity needs - in fact I disconnected my house from the National Grid for 5 years to prove the point! I then took the next step and became the first person in NZ to sell power back to the power company using solar electricity.... Roll forward to 2007 - new house, bigger system, improvements all round - our power bill is now ~$20 dollars a month and Kristina and I run 2 businesses from our home with 2 employees - and in year 2009 we will add an additional 2kW of PV modules and eliminate this $20 dollars from our expense sheet.... So we are serious and not mad around here! Learn more about the Solar Energy House.



My Car Has An 'Incy Wincy' Petrol Bill...

So I decided to do something about my petrol bill. I am a practical guy and have focused all my attention on doing something about it!

Click here to become knowledgeable about running your car with a SAFE mix of hydrogen and petrol - learn more yourself... Click here


Hydrogen In place & working!