• NZ Possible Centre For New Fuel Technology

    "New Zealand could become a regional centre for emulsified fuel technology.

    The technique adds small amounts of water to diesel to improve efficiency and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

    New Zealand company Blended Fuels Solutions has joined forces with United States-based Alternative Petroleum Technologies (APT) to bring the technology to this country.

    The joint venture is based at the Kapiti Clean Technology Centre, where it has a trial plant, and is working in a pilot project with the Kapiti District Council.

    The technology improves the efficiency of engines, making each litre of fuel go 3% further, and reducing tailpipe emissions of carbon dioxide by 3%, nitrous oxide by 10% to 15%, and particulate matter by up to 50%."

    As reported in NZ Herald's 'Element' magazine March 26, 2012, Issue 9 on page 10.

    Why wait? Try the water for petrol version on your petrol or diesel vehicle today at a price that is guaranteed to be significantly lower investment than the price they are going to be selling it at...